SLJ Poetry Slam

I completed a poetry slam.

First I took a picture of myself and put it in the middle.

Next I had to describe what I would do in the summer with words. For ex: Trip. For the word trip I would go to the Beach.

I enjoyed taking the picture. I did well on know what Picture i would go for. I need to improve on going to different other places.

2 thoughts on “SLJ Poetry Slam

  1. Kia ora Bethany

    Wow I love the vibrant and colourful images you have chosen to represent each category! It is great to see you gather your ideas, this will now help you begin writing your poem starting on slide 7. You can do this by connecting your categories together through description and using your senses of (what you feel, hear, taste, smell and see)

    Keep up the great work!
    Manar (Summer Learning Journey Team)

  2. Kia ora Bethany, ko Siniva taku ingoa, nō te kura o Panmure Bridge School ahau. Tino pai! He rawe ki a au tō images you chosed. He rawe ki a au tō pōhi rangitaki.

    Kia pai tō rā!

    Nā Siniva Taumoepeau

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